The technological superiority of our studios ensures that we are able to deliver to a high quality standard whilst guaranteeing that all video/audio content remains safe and secure. Our further view is to ensure that today's audiences receive the intended message with linguistic accuracy. The integrity of our client's intellectual property precedes all. Our services enable clients to deliver their content to audiences in another language whilst retaining the intended style and character of the work.

Hippeis Media offers an international dubbing and subtitling solution for many distribution and broadcast clients, who with us benefit from a centralized setup for all their localized dubbing and subtitling needs.

Our set-up being both central and local ensures production consistency, both with regards to creative quality as well as technical quality. The central hubs represent a bird's view of the whole production chain and one single main point of contact for the client. Equally, all our facilities are at all times available to our clients, for any and all langauge-specific input.